A vampire, as the name suggests, drains the blood of its victims to sustain itself. The vampire will only appear once per game, and it attacks during Edward Roivas' chapter. It appears somewhat humanoid (but far from human) and can render itself invisible until it is ready to strike. You can, however, use the "Reveal Invisible" spell to track its movements. The vampire will claw at its enemies and can drain their blood through the open air without needing to exploit any sort of wound. Servants killed by the vampire's blood-draining attack will rise as a sort of zombie, appearing pale and with blood on their bodies yet behaving as if they were possessed by a Bonethief. Despite being undead, these servants cannot be controlled by the Bind Creature spell. The vampire can also drain Edward's blood, removing up to a quarter of his maximum health if players do not break free. It is also able drain energy from an enchanted obelisk and will continually do so in brief cutscenes until Edward is able to destroy the obelisk. The vampire's physical appearance is dependent on the Ancient Pious aligns with.

Every time the vampire flees when Edward prevents it from killing a servant, a chunk of sanity will be restored. When the vampire is killed Edward's sanity will be automatically filled. This feature, while interesting, serves little purpose, as the vampire does not drain sanity like normal enemies, nor do any of the servants turned into zombies by it. Thus, to see the sanity effects and read the insane dialogue in the Roivas Mansion, players must summon creatures and control them to slowly drain their own sanity.

Vampire (Chattur'gha)

The Chattur'gha Vampire

Vampire (Ulyaoth)

The Ulyaoth Vampire

Vampire (Xel'lotath)

The Xel'lotath Vampire

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