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If someone is currently in the middle of a playthrough, could you keep the Bonethieves in the Roivas Mansion alive and test if they can dodge the Enchanted Gladius when it is thrown as a projectile weapon? They cannot dodge all projectiles, as evidenced by the Crossbow, so I'm curious if they can dodge the Enchanted Gladius. While Bonethieves can dodge Chakrams, the weapons may not be classified in the same manner in the game.

In my current playthrough, I'm up to the part where you play as Maximillian Roivas, is that where you want me to be at? And if so, I'd need a recorder or capture card to save a screenshot. Btw, thank you for those edits, It's good to see that this wiki isn't totally inactive. FangSylux 02:52, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

The point where Bonethieves appear in the mansion and attack Alex is between Edward and Michael's chapters. After Alex breaks through the suspicious part of the wall on the second floor and finds the old servants' quarters, enemies will be in the mansion when she leaves the room. The two Bonethieves will be on the second floor with Alex and are the first enemies she will encounter.

The Enchanted Gladius is received after completing Michael's chapter and opening the path to Ehn'Gha. To test this out, you'll have to run past the Bonethieves and leave them be until you complete Michael's chapter and solve the observatory puzzle. Be warned; once you step foot in Ehn'gha, you'll not be able to return to the Roivas Mansion, so make sure you test that before going there. Having a save just before you test it out would probably be good, just to make sure the proper throwing distance is set up, they notice Alex, they aren't in the middle of an attack or possession leap, etc.

I really like Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, so I'm happy to help improve this wiki. Hey, did you know that there's a picture of Chattur'gha in your wiki gallery? It'd be good to post it on Chattur'gha's page. Also, how do you add extra sections to a page? Ex: the Black Guardians' subsections. I was wondering if you'd want to describe how Pious is fought as an enemy, as well as some trivia.

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Do you mean like this?:


It should be "Heading 2" under the heading options (see left). I'll add that photo to the help page when (if) I get admin rights. Also, remember to sign your name on talk pages by entering four of tildes (these things: ~) or clicking the signature button. Just so users know who they're responding to. Thanks. FangSylux 01:47, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

Hey FangSylux, did you ever get the Enchanted Gladius in your current playthrough to test on the Bonethieves in the Roivas Mansion? 1stAdvice (talk) 00:16, July 22, 2012 (UTC) 1stAdvice