Sanity Effects are a gameplay aspect of Eternal Darkness.

How it works

As the character in the game sees the monsters, their Sanity Meter depletes, causing them to hallucinate, seeing things like a windows blue screen come up, when the Sanity Effect is over, it is represented by a white flash, after which the main character says something along the lines of "This can't be happening!". If the Sanity Meter runs out completely, then your health depletes, as you've already run out of Sanity.

Usually, if a sanity effect is present, then you will not be able to escape.


The sanity effects come in several varieties, sometimes affecting the screen, character, or enviroment.

Character Examples

  • Your character will turn into a zombie until the character dies.
  • Trying to use a spell will result in implosion, this does not kill a character, though.
  • The character will lose limbs slowly.
  • The character will shrink or grow.

Screen Examples

  • Sometimes the screen will take up a sepia tone.
  • A windows blue screen will pop up sometimes.
  • A fly will appear to be on your screen, but isnt.
  • The game will lower the gameplay volume, while making it look like it is your tv volume, while your charcter gets attacked by enemies.
  • The screen goes black, and you hear you character getting attacked.

Enviroment Examples

  • The enviroment will be upside down.
  • The character will sink into the ground as if it's quicksand.
  • Near the end of the game, if you are not careful avoiding the unnamed beast, the screen will take up a sepia tone, but you will not be able to escape from the room, requiring you to heal your sanity.
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