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The Roivas family is central to the plot of Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem. Though, as Edward Roivas states, it is not merely their story but the story of humanity. Known members of the Roivas family include:

  • Aaron Roivas (1700s AD) - The father of Maximillian Roivas. He is not seen in-game, but Max learns of his possession of the Tomb of Eternal Darkness and his knowledge of the Roivas estate being located above the ruins of Ehn'gha. He dies just prior to Max's chapter in 1760.
  • Maximillian Roivas (chapter: 1760 AD)
  • Edward's father (1900s AD) - Nothing is known about him except that Edward inherited the Roivas mansion from him following his death.
  • Edward Roivas (chapter: 1952 AD)
  • Alex's Parents (late 1900s AD) - Little is known about them except that they were killed, and Alex was apparently raised by her grandfather, Edward, following this.
  • Alexandra Roivas (chapter: 2000 AD)