Roberto Bianchi
Chapter Year 1460 AD
Other Appearance(s) 1991 AD, 2000 AD
Location(s) Forbidden City
Occupation Architect
Voiced by Phil Proctor

Roberto Bianchi is a traveling Venetian artist and architect, taken as a prisoner of war in 1460 AD while roaming abroad. He is forced to work for a warlord (revealed as Pious Augustus in a pre-level cinematic), helping with the construction of the Pillar of Flesh by surveying the foundations. He acquires the artifact from Karim while surveying the monster-infested site, and when his work is complete, he is thrown into the pillar with many others and buried alive.

When playing as Roberto, it's quite clear that he is the one of the worst characters to play as attribute-wise. His speed is slow, tires easily, and has very poor magick and sanity. Though Roberto's health is pretty well above average. But, even though your health is obviously the most important thing in surviving, having a good health bar alone will do almost nothing, as some monsters, like bone thieves and horrors, can take large portions of your health if the player isn't smart enough to retreat. It's also difficult to prepare for battle since Roberto's magick bar can be easily lowered, and even a bigger problem if facing Ulyaoth. Also, if his Sanity bar is empty with enemies still in the area, his large health bar will only get him so far. The key to avoid too much frustration with Roberto, is patience.


  • In the character page for the Japanese website, Roberto's name is romanized Robertor.[1] It was likely romanized as such intentionally to prevent Roberto's name from being seen as a misspelling of Robert, as both names can be spelled the same way using Katakana: ロベルト
  • Roberto is the only playable character who does not see through Pious Augustus's disguise at all when encountering him. Augustus' other disguises (Paul Augustine, Phillipe Augustine, and even Edward Roivas' ghost) had the playable characters who encountered them (Edwin Lindsey, Paul Luther, and Alexandra Roivas) seeing through him when encountering them for the final time (and in the case of Alexandra, when she has her Edward Roivas related "haunting" during one of the chapters).
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