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Peter Jacob
Chapter Year 1916 AD
Other Appearance(s) 1985 AD
Location(s) Oublié Cathedral
Occupation Reporter
Voiced by Michael Bell

Peter Jacob is a field reporter during World War I, staying at Oublié Cathedral in 1916 AD, which has been converted into a field hospital. While writing his report on the battle, he noticed one of the nurses (implied to be aligned with the Ancient) carting off a still-alive soldier from a field tent and carrying him away as if he were dead, giving him some suspicion. He also notices that wounded soldiers are mysteriously disappearing, and investigates the lower levels when monsters attack. He defeats the Black Guardian, and keeps the artifact for many years until he delivers it to Edward. During this time, he also attempted to have experts look at the essence, although they could not identify it. He also wrote an account of the war that strongly implied the Ancients' involvement, at least in the devastating Battle of the Somme, which also piqued Edward's interest due to his also fighting against Pious Augustus. Besides sleepless nights (which he implies was the result of the artifact under his care), he is one of the few characters who does not suffer a tragic end as a result of the Tome of Eternal Darkness.