Paul Luther
Mugshot luthor
Chapter Year 1485 AD
Other Appearance(s) 2000 AD (ghost; bust)
Location(s) Oublié Cathedral
Occupation Franciscan Monk
Voiced by Paul Eiding

Paul Luther is a Franciscan monk on a pilgrimage in 1485 AD to see a holy relic, the Hand of Jude. He is detained in Amiens by the Inquisition on a pretense of suspicion in the murder of Brother Andrew. A custodian frees him, and helps him to find Brother Andrew's journals, which reveals that Andrew was killed to protect a secret: the dominant Ancient's Relic is hidden in the Cathedral. The Hand of Jude was a fake to lure victims to sacrifice. Paul ventures deeper into the Cathedral, eventually fighting with Anthony, who he defeats and prays for. He also finds a metal statue of the custodian near a door. Paul must "kill" the statue with a sacrificial dagger to open the door, but as he does so he hears a wail from nearby, and finds the custodian has been killed with a similar dagger. Later, Paul finds the Black Guardian, who violently kills him. Despite his death, a bust in his likeness is later found in the Roivas Mansion's top floor. He later reappears to take revenge alongside the rest of the Tome Bearers against Pious Augustus.


  • His status as a Tome Bearer of the Tome of Eternal Darkness is somewhat ironic, as someone in his position, a Franciscan monk, would not have been the type to accept it due to it being unholy in nature.
  • His voice actor Paul Eiding also voices Max Tennyson from Ben 10.
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