Michael Edwards
Mugshot michael.jpg
Chapter Year 1991 AD
Other Appearance(s) Unspecified date
in the 1990s;
possibly 2000 AD
Location(s) Forbidden City
Occupation Industrial Firefighter
Voiced by Greg Eagles

Michael Edwards is a Canadian firefighter who in 1991 AD is sent to extinguish oil fires ignited by Iraqi troops in the Middle East after the Gulf War. An explosion at one well leaves him trapped in the Forbidden City as the only survivor. He receives the Essence of an Ancient from Roberto and destroys the City with magickally-enhanced C-4 plastic explosives placed at the bridge. A few years after his return, he meets up with Edward in a city at night. Mike gives Dr. Roivas a package, believing that he himself will soon be killed by the Guardians (though his ultimate fate is not revealed). The package's contents, although briefly implied to be the Essence, are unknown, as the Essence and the Enchanted Gladius (if the player has acquired it) were later sent to Alex in a hastily wrapped and unmarked package dropped inside the mansion's front door. This may hint at Michael's survival, or indicate that Edward Roivas made other arrangements for the items' safekeeping.

Michael's statue does not appear in the Hall of the Tome of Eternal Darkness, suggesting that he did not die at the hands of the Ancients (though this does not necessarily mean he survived: he may, for example, have chosen to end his own life rather than fall prey to the Guardians.)

It is obvious Michael is one of the better characters, with good stamina, good health, and below average sanity and respectable magick. Michael also gets many guns in the game such as an Assault Rifle which is arguably the best ranged weapon in the game and can kill many enemies in one hit from afar.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally, Michael Edwards was instead supposed to be a Gulf War soldier instead of merely a firefighter during the Gulf War, but his character as well as the original purpose of the chapter was altered after the events of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The soldier cadavier with a full set of equipment was derived from his original character model.
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