KARIM ROOM193 5 640w
Chapter Year 565 AD
Other Appearance(s) 1460 AD, 2000 AD
Location(s) Persia
Forbidden City
Occupation Nobleman
Voiced by Rino Romano
Eternaldarkness 053102 14 640w

Karim is a Persian swordsman, sent into the desert to find a treasure (one of the Ancients' essences) for his love, Chandra. His chapter occurs in 565 AD. Chandra is not faithful to Karim, and gives herself to a nobleman. She is then mutilated and killed by the nobleman's jealous mistress, and her ghost warns Karim about the artifact's true nature. Although initially reluctant to believe her, he sacrifices himself so that he can watch over the artifact with her.

Many Years later, in 1460 AD, Karim appears to Roberto Bianchi, an architect who is being used by Pious Augustus in disguise. Being the guardian of the Forbidden City, Karim tests Bianchi in order to see if he is the chosen. Karim slashes his sword at him and when it has no effect on Bianchi, he realizes that Bianchi is of the chosen many. He tells Bianchi that all his questions will be answered in time, and is grateful that Bianchi has appeared, for he can finally rest. His last words were "My Sacrifice was not in vain."

Karim is the sole character who can do melee battle using two weapons (twin Tulwars). He also has the opportunity to find one of the three "defeated figures" which allow the player to obtain the ultimate weapon; a Gladius that has been permanently enchanted with the Alignment dominant to the Ancient appearing in the game session (I.E if the player chose Chattur'gha at the beginning of the game, the Gladius would be aligned with Ulyaoth, since Ulyaoth beats Chattur'gha).


  • Karim was not initially intended to be in the game, as his chapter would have instead been done by a Templar Knight by the name of Joseph De Molay. However, he was added in because of the September 11th attacks before the game's release, while Joseph was relegated to a more minor role in a cutscene unlocked after Alexandra Roivas found the 8th Chapter's page of the Tome of Eternal Darkness.
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