Joseph De Molay
Appearance(s) Possibly 1460 AD
Location(s) Forbidden City (?)
Oublié Cathedral (?)
Occupation Knight Templar
Voiced by Possibly Richard Doyle

Joseph De Molay is a character who was removed from the final game. He appeared in numerous demonstration versions seen during development of the game, and was playable for visitors to the 2001 E3. There is material showing Joseph in both the Forbidden City and Oublié Cathedral.  He was especially playable during tests for the originally Nintendo 64 version of the game.

The Defeated General[edit | edit source]

It is believed that Joseph may have a brief appearance in the final game (in non playable form) as the soldier that Pious defeats before Roberto's chapter. Pious comments that the soldier is special for being able to see through his disguise, hinting that he may have been one of the chosen. This character is not named, however, and seems to appear in the credits as "Defeated General" (voiced by Richard Doyle).

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