A horror, is a large, somewhat ape-like creature with high physical and magickal strength. Horrors have 3 heads, though Ulyaoth horrors lack eyes and Xel'lotath horrors have 3 large eyes in place of heads. The heads/eyes are the weak points.


Horrors attack by swiping their claws, sometimes using both hands to deal additional damage. Horrors can also use a shock attack in which they stomp on the floor and shoot a bolt of raw Magick at the player, which, apart from inflicting damage, will also drain the stat based on their alignment. Finally, Horrors have a sort of electrical current running through their bodies that will flare up and shock any enemies nearby, making approaching a Horror all the more difficult. This current will target players even if they are invisible or have bound the Horror to fight for them.

In that sense, Red Horrors inflict the most damage (as practically every Chattur'gha minion does).

Summoning Horrors

Horrors can be summoned by casting the "Summon Horror" spell, which is a 7-point spell consisting of the Tier (summon), Aretak (creature) and Pargon (power) runes and their respective alignment.


  • Horrors appear capable of using magick, as evident in Edwin Lindsey's chapter
Horror (Xel'lotath)

A Xel'lotath Horror

Horror (Ulyaoth)

An Ulyaoth Horror

Horror (Chattur'gha)

A Chattur'gha Horror

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