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A Guardian, also known as a Lesser Guardian, is a powerful creature with a wide array of spells available to it. Guardians' physical appearances vary dramatically based on their alignment. The Guardians have a strong presence in Ehn'gha, and in the distant past they slaughtered the original inhabitants.

Despite having hulking forms and possessing claws and other dangerous features, Guardians will fight solely with magick, standing in one place and turning into a flying ball of light when hit. Guardians are invincible while in this state and will damage players with a magickal shockwave if they come too close. Guardians will never use three-point spells, instead preferring the five & seven-point varieties, one casts a seven-point Damage Field in Max' chapter and Guardians will sometimes cast seven-point Magickal Attacks against Edward. Guardians will use Damage Fields, Shields, Magickal Attacks, and can recover health regardless of alignment. Guardians can also summon zombies and are able to have more than one active at a time, though all will die if the Guardian does.

autopsy journal[]

Chattur'gha Guardian
Notes - Massive jaws on underside of body.
      - Armored shell prevents physical damage.
      - No obvious vulnerability.

Maximillian's Report:

"They came from the darkness...Chittering spider-like 
parasites! Infesting the city EHN'GHA!! EHN'GHA!!! They 
killed the city's inhabitants, using them for food, for 
slaves, for play...In the city's last, dark, doomed days 
blood filled the waterways, drained upon the streets...a 
proud, mighty race, now nothing but bloody gobbets of meat 
in the it has been for eons. The Guardians - 
those eternal parasites still swarm in that necropolis, 
feeding on those...Those that live in ignorance many miles 
above...US!! Damn you listen to me!! They feed on US!! The 
Darkness...The Darkness comes!! It WILL consume us all!! 
We...must...fight them!! Or all is lost."
Xel'lotath Guardian
Notes - A curious lack of internal organs means no way of 
        inflicting critical damage.
      - No obvious vulnerability.

Maximillian's Report:

"Oh...oh gibbering insanity wrought in flesh as though an 
artist had sculpted it! Created from nothing by their 
mistress Xel'lotath, a canvas as grotesque as any!! Their 
bodies made no sense - no heads, no organs - an empty husk 
devoid of the trappings of nature,,,But it shrieked!!! A mockery of reason, both natural and 
mental!! A blasphemy from beyond the Veil!! The veil has 
opened!! And we should not see beyond!! We...we weren't 
meant to...never...ever...meant to!! Oh, give us the 
blessing of ignorance, the happiness of oblivion...Innocence 
can only be tainted, never returned!"
Ulyaoth Guardian
Notes - This creature bears no relation to anything in my
      - No obvious vulnerability.

Maximillian's Report:

"Deep in those ancient caverns, a great city was lost...Long 
before we Humans...Long, long before...The proud city of 
Ehn'gha - decadent and trusting...and it was their 
downfall...When the Darkness came...and the Guardian's 
slaughtered them...Their existence was but a dying echo, 
shrieking from violated mouths...Resounding within their 
homes...Their tombs...If you stand alone, in one of those 
halls, quietly...ever so can hear the cries of 
the people of Ehn' apart by the unseen claws of 
the Guardians...Their echoes still do their 

A lesser guardian of Chattur'gha

A lesser guardian of Xel'lotath

A lesser guardian of Ulyaoth