A Guardian, also known as a Lesser Guardian, is a powerful creature with a wide array of spells available to it. Guardians' physical appearances varies dramatically based on their alignment. The Guardians have a strong presence in Ehn'gha, and in the distant past they slaughtered the original inhabitants.

Despite having hulking forms and possessing claws and other dangerous features, Guardians will fight solely with magick, standing in one place and turning into a flying ball of light when hit. Guardians are invincible while in this state and will damage players with a magickal shockwave if they come too close. Guardians will never use three-point spells, instead preferring the five-point variety, though one does cast a seven-point Damage Field in Maximillian Roivas' chapter and Guardians will sometimes cast seven-point Magickal Attacks against Edward. Guardians will use Damage Fields, Shields, Magickal Attacks, and can recover health regardless of if they are aligned with Ulyaoth or Xel'lotath. Guardians can also summon zombies and are able to have more than one active at a time, though all will die if the Guardian is killed.

Lesser Guardian (Chattur'gha)

A lesser guardian of Chattur'gha

Lesser Guardian (Xel'lotath)

A lesser guardian of Xel'lotath

Lesser Guardian (Ulyaoth)

A lesser guardian of Ulyaoth

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