A Gifted Knight was a character briefly seen in the cutscene seen shortly after Alexandra Roivas found the Eternal Darkness page for Chapter 8: The Forbidden City.

A Templar Knight, he was restrained by a warlord, but the man saw his true form as Pious Augustus. Pious Augustus, impressed by his capability of seeing his true form, ordered his soldiers to use him as the foundation for the then-under construction Pillar of Flesh.


  • The character, named Joseph De Molay in the initial build, was intended to have a more major role, even appearing alongside Pious Augustus and Alexandra Roivas in the E3 Demo, being one of the Tome Bearers for the Tome of Eternal Darkness. His chapter ended up cut because of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, although the character himself still appeared in the final version after the player found the page for Roberto Bianchi's chapter, while his chapter was replaced with that of Karim. His role as a Tome Bearer, however was still implied by his being able to see through Pious Augustus' warlord disguise.
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