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#REDIRECT [[Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem]]
For all those unfamiliar, this a wiki about the mostly unnoticed game Eternal Darkness, I have started this wiki because nobody seems to know about this game, please add articles that talk much about the games subjects such as the <nowiki>[[Sanity Effects]]</nowiki>, <nowiki>[[Runes]]</nowiki>, <nowiki>[[Spells]]</nowiki> or even the main character <nowiki>[[Alex Roivas]]</nowiki>, either way, I just want to raise awareness about this game, and please, do not list Fanon, Fanfiction, or any works related to the fans' imagination, because that could confuse the readers relatively easily, so please, try and create some interesting articles, speculation is allowed, enjoy editing the Eternal Darkness Wiki!
And if neccasary, organize the site, please

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