X Ellia
Chapter Year 1150 AD
Other Appearance(s) 1983 AD, 2000 AD
Location(s) Angkor Thom
Occupation Court Dancer
Voiced by Kim Mai Guest

"I only wish something that fantastic and of higher purpose can happen to me."

Ellia is a Cambodian slave girl and court dancer for Suryavarman II. Her chapter occurs in 1150 AD. She yearns for adventure after reading passages from the Tome. After finding herself locked in a temple (Angkor Thom) imprisoning the former Khmer fertility god, she is chosen to bear Mantorok's essence. Pious kills her for her resistance to him shortly afterwards, but she remains animate because the essence is inside her body. Eight hundred years later, she gives it to Edwin Lindsey and is finally released. She later appears in spectral form in 2000 AD to aid Alex in the final battle.


  • She is one of the few undead characters to fully retain their mind upon entering the state (in other words, being a Liche), with the only others being Pious Augustus and possibly the Bishop.
    • She is also one of only two characters to be both an undead creature and a ghost, the only other being Anthony.
  • Ellia (or rather, her living self) made a cameo as a covergirl for the book item for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, due to the game being made by the same developers as Eternal Darkness, Silicon Knights.
  • For unknown reasons, despite Pious Augustus explicitly gaining the ability to read minds after he chose Xel'lotath's Sigil in the Green Path, he doesn't seem to read her mind to retrieve the Heart of Mantorok from her.
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