Edward Roivas
Chapter Year 1952 AD
Other Appearance(s) 1984 AD, 1985 AD,
2000 AD
Location(s) Roivas Mansion
Occupation Psychologist
Voiced by Neil Dickson

Edward Roivas is a clinical psychologist, and Alex's grandfather. In 1952 AD, he is led to the Tome by Max's ghost. His servants are attacked by a dreadful presence, the Vampire. Edward eventually defeats it and wipes out the garrisoned forces of Ehn'gha with a massive Dispel Magick spell from the city's nine-point spell circle (formed by the towers of the city). Years later, he is killed by a Lesser Guardian via the latter decapitating and presumably devouring his head, although his reaction before being killed (calmly looking up towards the Lesser Guardian) implies he deliberately allowed it to happen. Edward is the game's primary narrator, introducing each Tome chapter (with the exception of Pious') and narrating the epilogue. He is the only character in the 1900's confirmed to be killed by the Ancients (as Peter Jacob and Edwin Lindsey were confirmed to have survived their ordeals, and Michael Edwards' fate is left ambiguous). He appears once more during the final battle to say his final words to his grand-daughter, mentioning how proud her parents would have been.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Edward Roivas is the only character whose chapter's narration does not begin at the still page (it instead is incorporated into the beginning cinematic of the chapter).
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