Appearance(s) 1485 AD
Location(s) Oublié Cathedral
Occupation Monk / Custodian
Voiced by Cam Clarke

The Custodian is an elderly monk who appears to be the caretaker of Oublié Cathedral in 1485 AD. His name is not known. He releases Paul Luther, who is under suspicion of murder. The Custodian, knowing Paul is innocent and that Brother Andrew (the monk whose corpse Paul discovered) was killed to protect a secret, and helps him gather evidence against Augustine, the inquisition leader who has accused Paul. He disappears mysteriously after giving Paul a sacrificial dagger that had been left on his bed. The Custodian believes this is a sign from Augustine's followers that he will die soon. When Paul places the dagger in the chest of an effigy resembling the custodian (as instructed by the engraving), the Custodian is heard screaming. Paul soon discovers that the Custodian has indeed met with a gruesome end, implying that the Custodian was placed in the effigy.


  • In his final cutscene appearance, as Paul Luther leaves, a light matching that of the summoning spells for monsters aligned with Pious Augustus/Phillipe Augustine was seen behind the Custodian, implying that Augustus's forces managed to capture him immediately after he gave Paul Luther the dagger.
  • The Custodian is voiced by Cam Clarke, who also voiced Anthony in the Suspicions of Conspiracy chapter. Coincidentally, both also met a very brutal death with a character voiced by Paul Eiding being indirectly responsible for their death (In the third chapter, Anthony was inflicted with a curse that decayed him to a zombie that was intended for Charlemagne the Frank, of which one of the treacherous monks in the ending was voiced by Paul Eiding, as well as eventually being granted a mercy killing by Paul Luther in the chapter.).
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