Most of these items are given to the player in the early chapters of the game. They have the Recover spell, with the runic magickal carving, but are only available in limited quantity. In terms of gameplay, the player tends to see the cure items more like "medkits" than spells. Cure items are actually a helping crutch for characters that don't have the Tome and/or the Recover spell early.

The itemsEdit

  • Ellia's Strange Necklace - Casts Chattur'gha's Recover. Has 10 uses.
  • Karim's Talisman - Casts Chattur'gha's Recover. Has 5 uses.
  • Paul Luther's Meditating Rod - Restores sanity.
  • Edward Roivas' Liquid Courage - Restores sanity.
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