Chattur'gha The Great Being of Matter!

Chattur'gha (voiced by Greg Eagles) is one of the three Ancients whose artifacts are in the Forbidden City during Pious' chapter. The Being of Matter, Chattur'gha focuses on physical strength and resilience: his troops are characterized by their skinless, muscular bodies, and focus on physical attacks and toughness. Chattur'gha is crustacean-like in appearance and has two mouths, one within the other, as well as two large claws. Said claws might also double as mouths, as the interiors resemble hard and soft pallettes. Oddly enough, Chattur'gha's design is almost a regression when compared to his servants. While his Guardians and Black Guardian are completely covered in a hard shell, Chattur'gha himself is only protected on his anterior and posterior, leaving his sides completely vulnerable along the length of his body. His plates also have visible gaps between them, and unlike his Guardians and Black Guardian, Chattur'gha has no skin. A final interesting detail is that Chattur'gha's skeleton appears to be exposed on the sides of his body.

Chattur'gha is depicted as a warrior in Michael Edwards' chapter in the room with bas-reliefs of human representations of the Ancients.

Chattur'gha's aggressive personality enables him to overcome the insanity of Xel'lotath. But his dependence on brute force leaves him susceptible to the sorcery of Ulyaoth.

Chattur'gha Enemies will be tougher to kill, and unlike the others deals no special effects. But in return they deal 2x damage.

Powers/Abilities[edit | edit source]

Chattur'gha prefers brute strength, and the attacks he uses against his enemies in combat reflect this. His claws and teeth are powerful indeed, but what sets him apart is his resistance to mind affects. Xel'lotath's illusions don't seem to affect him, for example.

Considering his seeming inability to come up with his own plans, it might be that he simply lacks the imagination to hold such an illusion in his mind in the first place, rather than a supernatural ability to discern the truth.

He also displayed the ability to fire beams of orange energy from his claws that possessed a tractor beam-like effect. This enabled Chattur'gha to drag ensnared enemies within range of his powerful melee attacks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chattur'gha is the only antagonistic Ancient that doesn't appear to do any of the planning in his cutscenes. Instead, Pious does all of the planning for him.
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