Charlemagne the Frank was the Frankish Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as well as a huge reformer, resulting in the Holy Roman Empire being at the height of its power. His reforming policies, however, made him a target for assassination by the Ancients, more specifically the Ancient Pious Augustus was aligned to, as they viewed him as an immediate threat to their plans, exceeding even that of ensuring Mantorok cannot be a threat to them via one of his hearts. Pious Augustus then agreed that he'll see to Charlemagne's death (also specifying that he'll make sure he's dead before the end of the week in Ulyaoth's path)

Around 814 AD, Charlemagne the Frank took residence in the Oublié Cathedral, which had been infiltrated by minions of the Ancient. The Bishop of the cathedral initially intended to have Charlemagne the Frank killed via a cursed scroll, and for his messenger, Anthony, to be an unwitting accomplice to his assassination. However, Anthony intercepted the message and read it due to being suspicious of their orders that none but the Emperor was to read it, resulting in him being cursed and his attempting to warn his liege of the conspiracy against him. Unfortunately, the Bishop anticipated this, and locked the door that Charlemagne the Frank and five Ancient-aligned monks were staying at and conversing to ensure Anthony can't warn him in time. Charlemagne the Frank was assassinated by the monks, with Anthony despairing at his failure as the curse fully kills him. One of the monks, witnessing Anthony's death, chastised the deceased Frankish boy for trying to save him, especially when their Ancient had decided his fate, alongside the fate of the entire Earth, centuries ago before revealing his true form as a Bonethief.

Charlemagne was later mentioned by Anthony in Paul Luther's chapter centuries later during the Inquisition, when he was reanimated as a Zombie and controlled by the darkness before fighting Paul Luther.


  • In real life, Charlemagne the Frank had died from pleuracy, although he suspected his death would come to him soon.
  • In Xel'lotath's path (having Pious Augustus choose the Sigil of Xel'lotath in his chapter), the aforementioned Ancient, when discussing the upcoming assassination of Charlemagne, mentioned "Just make sure he's dead... or...insane" while her other voice briefly ponders "Or perhaps one, then the other," which may imply that, at least in that reality, the curse intended for Charlemagne that Anthony was afflicted with resulted in Anthony being killed and later driven insane, possibly explaining his actions in Paul Luther's chapter.
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