Chapter 1: The Chosen One is the first chapter in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. In this chapter, the player takes control of Pious.


  • This is the only chapter that is not narrated by Edward Roivas. It is instead narrated by the player character for the chapter, Pious Augustus.
  • It is also the only chapter other than the game's ending(s) that has an ending narration (as during the ending of the chapter, Pious explains that his encounter with the artifact granted him extraordinary abilities as the ancient's missionary [which one depending on which artifact the player chose], and ominously warns the reader that if they challenge him, they will surely perish).
  • This is also the only chapter other than the opening/main game with Alexandra Roivas where the player doesn't hunt down a chapter page in the Roivas Mansion to unlock it. The player instead only needs to interact with the Tome of Eternal Darkness to unlock it.
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