Appearance(s) 565 AD, 1460 AD
Location(s) Persia
Forbidden City
Occupation Unknown
Voiced by Paula Tiso

Chandra is a young woman living in Persia in 565 AD, and the subject of Karim's affection. Though Karim is obsessed with her, Chandra appears aloof towards him, but offers to return his love if he brings her the treasure which she desires above all else. Upon growing tired of waiting for Karim's return, Chandra gives herself to a nobleman. The nobleman, however, has a jealous mistress who has Chandra flensed and curses her so that she may only find love in death. Upon dying, Chandra gains knowledge of the treasure she sought (an Essence of one of the Ancients), and appears before Karim as a specter to warn him. After Karim agrees to guard the Essence with her, they embrace in a literal kiss of death. Chandra is still at Karim's side in 1460 AD, when the Essence is passed on to Roberto. As a specter, she shifts between her normal and mutilated appearance at various intervals.

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