Brother Andrew was a fransiscan monk who in 1485 AD went on a pilgrimage to Oublié Cathedral at Amiens, France, to see the sacred Hand of Jude. He initially thought Amiens was a model example of the practice of Catholicism, especially during the time of the inquisition. However, he began to grow suspicious when the rituals, as well as several key elements missing from standard Catholic practices, were kept in the dark via the people in the cathedral. He eventually discovered that the Catholic parish there was in fact worshipping an abominable ancient (which one depends on which Ancient the player chose as Pious Augustus earlier), and, horrified, recorded his discoveries, presumably with the help of a Custodian inside the cathedral. He eventually ended up murdered by the monks in the Cathedral, led by Phillipe Augustine (secretly Pious Augustus in disguise), although not before tearing out key pages of his diary for anyone who seeks to expose the conspiracy, anticipating the likelihood that the monks are reading his diaries. His corpse was later found among the pews by Paul Luther, resulting in his being framed for murder by Phillipe.

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