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Stormsworder Stormsworder 3 December 2020

Eternal Darkness Nintendo Power Interview (vol. 164)

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Nintendo Power recently sat down with Silicon Knights, the designers of Eternal Darkness, and spoke about the intensive research and development process that led to the final game. Now you can learn the secrets of the game creation process and find out more about the Eternal Darkness world straight from the source.

Pious Augustus

Pious Augustus is the primary villain in Eternal Darkness. In keeping with the theme of "ordinary people in extraordinary situations," he is a Centurion in the Roman army. There are higher and more interesting ranks, but they would have provided Pious with the very things he seeks -- power and glory. We wanted to make him a cynical man with ambition who would accept power as soon as…

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